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KUBOLINE was born; the new business brand of the Tosetti House in Desio; a company with 40 years experience in furnishings production behind. Thanks to the large commercial companies distribution our products have been present on national and international territory for many years.
We always manufactured HALLWAY FURNITURE and GLASS DIVIDERS, and in the last 15 years we specialized in the production of CLOSETS and DESIGN GLASS DOORS with or without aluminium frame. To these items we recently add the development of a modular furniture line for the MODERN LIVING ROOM, which finds its characterization in the painted or decorated glass.
Design flexibility, usage of quality certified materials and decades of technical experience allow us to meet any composition requirement.
Exclusive aluminium profiles, usage of digital decoration, laser cutting for special tools, customized decorative panels; they are just a few of the technical solutions that give way to our creativity in offering cutting-edge products.
Experience in direct sales to private clients has allowed us to better understand the final customer needs, giving us the ability to transfer the requirements that are able to meet them in our products development.
The installation in the customer's house is performed by our production workers, which has allowed us to collect fundamental inputs to improve the structural aspects of our products, increasing their quality level.
Therefore, the KUBOLINE products quality comes from all this and, above all, from 40 years of research and development, and is guaranteed by the long experience of our workers.

The birth of this business section is now aimed to extend the customer base of our potential customers through a direct approach on the web, without intermediaries.



Our products are wholly designed and built in Italy. Our company operates in the Brianza production area, which has always been the cradle of the quality furniture production MADE in ITALY.
We work exclusively with Italian or European production materials, strictly certified with precise Community regulations.
All our hardware suppliers are certified ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, and in particular our panel supplier is an Italian company with the very strict certification FSC -CHAIN OF CUSTODY (cert. FSC-STD-40-004).
All the panels we use are eco-friendly, in 100% recycled wood with low formaldehyde content (class E1-EN 717-2/96 regulation).
All the materials we use have a very high recyclability degree and the varnishes are water-based solvent-free.

Our products are marketed in many Northern European countries and must meet strict regulations regarding ecological standards that apply in those countries.



KUBOLINE is the brand of the new production section of the Tosetti House in Desio that is already operating in the national territory as a furniture manufacturer, supplying some large national vending companies.
With the new brand we introduce ourselves as potential suppliers to retail outlets that are interested in our types of products.

KUBOLINE website objective:

Provide an on-line shop window of OUR products to show to YOUR customers.
KUBOLINE business objective: 
Shorten the furniture chain and reduce the in-between expenses, such as costs of representation and printing paper catalogues.

ONLINE services:

We can provide customized quotes also featuring 3D simulations (for walk-in closets only), to use in your sales.

We can evaluate any custom made decorations that may be a "selling subject" for DOORS and LIVING ROOMS.
Projects are always custom made.
You can use our in-house SHOWROOM for products presentation to your potential customers.



We invite private clients who visit the website to also come and visit us at the SHOWROOM area dressed in our production facility. We preferably welcome by appointment and provide free quotations with 3D simulation (for walk-in closets only).
In the DOWNLOADS area you have the opportunity to download our products galleries, in order to begin in advance to assess the different compositional and aesthetic potential solutions.
Our service ALWAYS INCLUDES measurements at your home, transport and assembly, which are performed exclusively by our staff.
Works are always CUSTOM MADE and can be personalized for anything related to DIGITAL decoration (especially in DOORS and LIVING ROOMS).


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