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Equipped wall furniture - TV holder equipped wall furniture


The choice of the living room furniture is based on a clear philosophy, developed from the prevailing intended use that will be assigned to the space. If the living room will be structured over technology, with cutting-edge plasma screens, projectors and Hi-Fi systems, a good idea is to set a TV holder equipped wall furniture at one side of the room, so to dedicate a special space of the house to watching movies with special effects or exciting football matches.

Besides, the Kuboline TV holder equipped wall furniture by Tosetti include the possibility of placing all the technology you need, hiding the cables and protecting your DVD collection from dust, thanks to the practical doors that equip the living room modular units, whether wall or floor mounted.
Instead, if the living area develops predominantly on a concept of living room as a relaxation area, in which read or chat whit friends, you could find more congenial to your lifestyle the bookcase equipped wall furniture where they may be placed all the items and souvenirs brought back from travels around the world, and ornaments gifted by relatives and friends.
Kuboline living room solutions, exhibited at the showroom in Desio (Monza and Brianza province, a few kilometres from Milan, Monza, Meda, Lissone, Sesto San Giovanni, Cinisello Balsamo, Seregno, Cologno Monzese and from other towns in Milan, and Monza and Brianza provinces), provide a number of design solutions to furnish the living room: modular units to be variously fitted in equipped wall furniture, recalling in an endless game of references and contrasts the glass room dividers also offered by Kuboline, in an inexhaustible aesthetic search for beauty, meant as a set of consistent, pure and refined choices.

Today one of the main guidelines in the living room furnishing, and in general in the living area design, is strong with solutions conceived for entertainment: ultramodern flat-screen TVs and acoustically flawless home-theatre systems fit perfectly into the living room furniture and the TV holder equipped wall furniture specifically designed for them in terms of size, design, function and wiring. Besides, who has the chance to count on high ceilings, may take advantage of the walls height by adding containing units such as the full-height bookcases offered by Kuboline, which can be viewed at and the Tosetti exhibition space in Desio, easily reached from Milan, Monza, Meda, Lissone, Sesto San Giovanni, Cinisello Balsamo, Seregno, Cologno Monzese and in general from the Milan and Monza Brianza provinces.

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