External Doors

Are you searching for the best design external doors? You can find them at Kuboline's showroom.

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Disappearing Doors

Are you searching for the best design sliding disappearing doors to save your spaces? You can find them at Kuboline's showroom.

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If you need sliding doors, visit Kuboline's showroom in Desion

Sliding doors are a design solution practical and fashionable that enables the house space optimization through a brilliant management of space, especially if the choice falls on the disappearing version of Kuboline sliding doors. Disappearing sliding doors are different indeed from traditional sliding doors and hinged doors because, when opened, they run inside a frame built in the wall, completely disappearing from the view, thus not causing any bulk in terms of useable floor space.
Of course the Kuboline disappearing sliding doors system implies the realization of some building works to prepare the walls and install the counter-frame, but the final result is excellent and entails a series of advantages including quietness, aesthetic quality and optimisation of spaces, which are not going to be occupied by the doors shutter: this way the building results more spacious and liveable, and offers new and handy furniture opportunities.

Disappearing the hinged door, the space to open it is now free and may prove itself crucial especially in metropolitan housing situations: thinking of the classic one-room apartment in Milan or the smaller apartments characterizing its hinterland, in towns like Monza, Sesto San Giovanni, Cologno Monzese, Lissone, Cinisello Balsamo and Seregno, we can easily understand the importance of enhancing the small spaces liveability by taking advantage of the most daring Kuboline design solutions that allow you to save space while giving added value to the property.

So, Kuboline sliding doors by Tosetti are structured in two fundamental typologies: exterior sliding doors and disappearing sliding doors.In the latter case a special counter-frame and a metal box are built in the masonry allowing the sliding and disappearance of the Kuboline door, solving any problem of bulk at the bottom, in the first case the door runs parallel to the wall, coupled to a track that allows opening and sliding.

Choose the best design sliding doors

The Kuboline custom made glass sliding doors aesthetics is further enhanced by decorative details and engravings, serigraphsmaking them furnishing items even more valuable and unique to furnish your home with, and create a functional division of spaces. Kuboline doors, born from the experience in the living conveniences field, acquired by Tosetti over the years, are not only handy and light doors, but also lasting investments, destined to increase their value over time: Kuboline sliding doors by Tosetti are resistant and valuable products, able to give the environment a sober and irresistibly classy look.