Choose the best sliding external doors designed by Kuboline

Hence, also the external sliding door allows space optimization with a very little bulk. In addition, given the refined and inimitable aesthetics of Kuboline design sliding doors, in glass, wood or aluminium, it's almost a shame to hide them within the walls: spaces are indeed enhanced and the colours light up through the kaleidoscopic lens of the shutters in tempered acid-polished glass, smoky glass, linear or curvilinear precious decorations and geometric panels brilliantly alternating transparency and opacity in a seductive sort of a peek-a-boo game.
Kuboline sliding doors are custom made to fit spaces and enhance the architectural elements, in both versions, with disappearing sliding and external sliding on tracks. Kuboline glass sliding doors fit into different housing situations, complementing a contemporary and minimalist decor, or integrating in a more formal and classic environment.

Of course, the architectural style of the house and the prevailing furnishing typology will be essential in choosing the Kuboline sliding door model to install: in the first case, i.e. in a young house or apartment with light-hearted, eccentric or minimal aesthetic, Kuboline glass sliding doors with aluminium details will help to increase the overall brightness of the environment, giving a cosmopolitan and up-to-date touch to the whole; however, in the latter case, in the typical twentieth century stately home, the Kuboline disappearing sliding doors or external sliding doors, chosen with wooden finishes, with more elaborate decoration and serigraphs, can help to rejuvenate the environment, giving a glamour and fashionable touch to the whole.
With regard to the choice of materials, the Kuboline production focuses specifically on design sliding doors in glass, wood and aluminium with decorations, engravings and serigraphs able to transform a simple piece of furniture into a design and contemporary art work. disappearing sliding doors or external sliding doors Kuboline, on display in Desio, in the Monza and Brianza province, a short distance from Milano, Lissone, Monza, Cinisello Balsamo, Sesto San Giovanni, Cesano Maderno, Nova Milanese, Varedo and Seregno, are produced only with top quality tempered acid-polished glass and smoky glass and finished with fine woods or handy and durable aluminium.