Choose one of the best living rooms by Kuboline

From the Tosetti House experience in furnishing and interior design springs out Kuboline, a complete, versatile, contemporary and sold at affordable prices to different user groups, which includes innovative ideas for the living room and design solutions able to change completely the meaning of livingin the houses of Italians, especially in the Milan, Monza and Brianza provinces, where the Kuboline showroom is located. In fact, we are in Desio, a few kilometres away from Monza, Milano, Lissone, Seregno, Sesto San Giovanni, Cinisello Balsamo and Cologno Monzese.

Tosetti introduces the Kuboline living rooms, a series of design ideas to satisfy the most demanding tastes, including bookcases, equipped wall furniture, TV holders and modular furniture with both wall and floor mounted units, shiny and flat, possibly supplied with wall panels offered in fashion colours: white, black, red, mocha, wenge and cherry. Customizable and fun, the design modular units for the living room perfectly adapt to contemporary houses, following the modern life rhythms, a new way to approach socialization and personal relationships and the priorities within the living spaces.
Actually, it made its way a new concept of home, especially in the regard of the living area, today thought of as the heart of the emotional bonds and communication within both family and friends relationships, the place where you may relax watching the television or reading a good book, where tell how the day went and drink an aperitif before dinner. Kuboline living room furnishing solutions aspire to the role of living room stars with their sparkling and spirited personality, able to attract guests in the most welcoming space in the house and encouraging participation in emotions and affections.

Italian houses living rooms grew under the influence of a classical structure, which wanted the living room placed just after the hallway. To date, with the help of the average housing surface reduction, especially in cities like Monza, Milan and in Milan hinterland (with specific reference to the towns of Cologno Monzese, Sesto San Giovanni, Cinisello Balsamo, Lissone, Desio, Seregno and Meda), the living room lives a second youth by directly continuing the hallway, which can be effectively separated only by a glass room divider (typically glass-aluminium or glass-wood) or an equipped room divider combining the functions of mirror, hall stand and shelves.
In addition, the home design in the traditional sense and its clear division into spaces mainly dedicated to the performance of one sole task (the hallway where place jackets, hats, umbrellas, the living room where welcome guests and watch the television, the kitchen to prepare food and the dining room to eat it, the study where indulge in hobbies, work and intellectual activities - broadly speaking, and finally the bedroom for the most intimate and rest-connected activities), was replaced by a less formal concept of leisure time and a conviviality idea released from formal labels, which have gradually led to the postmodern contamination in the different rooms of a house, now exclusively willing to submit to the diktats of design and elegance in an era where room dividers and lofts have earned the status of prevailing housing arrangements among the most à la page people.

The living rooms designed for conversation and reading are today replaced by living rooms oriented to the maximum comfort and relaxation. The living room solutions offered by Kuboline are integrated systems in which the single pieces of furniture, heavy, immobile over time and well defined that furnished our grandmother's residence are replaced by an eclectic and dynamic furnishing, which can be divided and re-assembled again as desired, and is able to summarize in a single space the functions traditionally assigned to different rooms.

Design solution for living rooms by Kuboline in Desio

Kuboline furnishing solutions for the living room are structured along a series of modular composition possibilities, which allow you to customize your living room starting from the prevailing intended uses. Kuboline offers a variety of design solutions for your living room, all able to give personality to the most traditional houses and modern environments, resulting in high-impact compositional solutions, which focus the attention and appeal to guests’ eyes.

The living room furniture offered by Kuboline, exposed in the spacious showroom in Desio, in the Monza and Milan outskirts and in the heart of the Brianza - worldwide renowned for its prestigious furniture factories - are manufactured with the most solid and durable materials and supplemented with impeccable details and finishes. Kuboline solutions for the living area include breakthrough and impactful solutions, as those playing on the shiny red and wenge contrast, or classical solutions that can easily be integrated with any kind of decor, as the living room modular units in cherry wood, complemented by simple glass and aluminium shelves contrasting with the shiny white front parts. At the Kuboline showroom in Desio (easily accessible from Milan, Monza, Meda, Lissone, Sesto San Giovanni, Cinisello Balsamo, Seregno, Cologno Monzese and generally from the Milan and Monza Brianza provinces) you may see design ideas for the living room by Kuboline designers and creative architects, a green and dynamic furnishing line springing out from the Tosetti House experience in furniture and home furnishing, now sold at competitive market prices within the reach of all design and decor lovers.