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Walk-in closets

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The closet is a little luxury capable to improve the quality of life in the simplest daily activities performance, which is today increasingly making inroads in elegant and sophisticated houses, in the context of young and modern architectural choices as well as in traditional ones. The walk-in closet looks as a room, or a portion of a room, exclusively dedicated to clothing and accessories: a place where you can not only store your clothing, but also dress up, change and look at yourself in the mirror in an excellent comfort and maximum functionality situation. From the Tosetti House experience in the furnishing industry springs out Kuboline, a versatile design furnishing line, modern and functional.



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Kuboline walk-in closets are a brilliant, functional and refined solution for the wardrobe, which allows you to easily access it whenever you want, making it easier to keep in order and fully display all garments, handbags, shoes, ties and belts you possess. Our stores located in Monza and Brianza province (easily accessible from Monza, Lissone, Desio and Seregno) and close to Milan, aim to become a national and international reference point, with particular attention to housing choices in Milan, Milan province and hinterland, but also in Brianza, Sesto S. Giovanni, Cinisello Balsamo, Cologno Monzese and their surroundings.




Kuboline walk-in closets by Tosetti are custom designed to fit in any space: under this philosophy they are designed attic room walk-in closets and corner walk-in closets. Because, if it is true that a walk-in closet is ideal for those having a large wardrobe and enough space to try on clothes and accessories in the maximum comfort, it is equally true that the modern walk-in closet is also perfectly suited to fit smaller spaces such as attic room corners. The real advantage of custom made solutions lies precisely in finding the most suitable solution for each space and any landlord.




Attic room walk-in closets must obviously take into account different heights and the ceiling tilt, while organizing spaces and during the production phase. Although these typical attic rooms’ structural features may look like limits at a first glance, designers can actually exploit them as key strengths to be enhanced under the mark of originality and creativity. In high populated areas, such as Monza and Brianza, and Milan provinces, where houses and apartments are becoming smaller and smaller and housing needs are growing more numerous and sophisticated, the walk-in closet is an excellent solution for space organization and optimisation, even in attic rooms.




Kuboline corner walk-in closets can be arranged, depending on the space you can devote to, on one, two or three walls, and can feature or not wall panels, available in various finishes. One of the features being surprisingly enhanced when entrusting the design to experienced designers, in the case of Kuboline corner walk-in closets by Tosetti is the availability of space and capacity, obtained thanks to a wise arrangement of shelves, drawers and hangers.




Walk-in closets in Desio, Monza, Lissone, Seregno, but also in Milan and its province, in Sesto San Giovanni, Cinisello Balsamo and Cologno Monzese, are called Kuboline. A rich catalogue of design walk-in closets, custom made, for corners and attic rooms, with or without wall panels, separable from the rest of the space by the finest on tracks sliding doors, with mocha colour or anodised aluminium frame and tempered acid-polished glass, or even in the minimalist frameless version awaits you in the exhibition space in Desio, in Monza and Brianza province. Desio is a town in the Milan outskirts, located between Lissone, Monza, Muggiò, Seregno, Seveso, Meda, Limbiate, Cesano Maderno, Cinisello Balsamo, Nova Milanese, Paderno Dugnano, Sesto San Giovanni, and Cologno Monzese.

Kuboline walk-in closets add value not simply because of space management and optimal usage, but also from an aesthetic point of view. Kuboline walk-in closets by Tosetti make it possible to transform a practical need, such as that of neatly storing your clothing and accessories, in a key strength of the house. In particular, the corner walk-in closet and the attic room walk-in closet make it possible to take advantage of every inch of space otherwise hardly usable, given the low height or the walls nuisance.

The Kuboline walk-in closet is a kind of small room combining the functions of wardrobe and dressing room, complete with walls and a door allowing access to the walk-in closet itself and acting at the same time as a room divider, ensuring privacy inside the walk-in closet where you can also undress and change. According to landlords’ tastes, the walk-in closet can also be decorated and further furnished including mirrors, poufs, rugs, chairs and any other furnishing able to maximize the comfort and enhance the discreet luxury of domestic conveniences.

Besides placement in the home environment (for practical obvious reasons usually in the sleeping area), and the arrangement on one, two or three walls, in corner position or on attic room walls, fundamental to the walk-in closet design is the illumination. In fact, a walk-in closet should be lit by lights that do not alter colours, possibly energy-efficient in order to limit the environmental impact. Particularly suitable solutions for the Kuboline walk-in closet by Tosetti are spotlights recessed in the false ceiling or built-in into the structure roof, freeing from the need to create a proper electrical connection, being they usually equipped with a built-in transformer. Alternatively, there are special customized lights designed to be fixed under the horizontal shelves, the ceiling or on the walls to maximise the visibility inside the Kuboline walk-in closet.

Come to visit us in the Kuboline showrooms in Milan and Brianza, in Desio, a few kilometres away from Monza, Lissone, Seregno, Sesto S. Giovanni, Cinisello Balsamo and Cologno Monzese: you will find a wide range of walk-in closets from which you may choose the one that, custom made to fit the space you have available, is just what you are looking for. And do not lose heart if you have limited space or a space set in an particular way for the realization of a walk-in closet: designers and architects who designed the Kuboline line will develop for you an original and classy solutions, for custom made corner or attic room walk-in closets suitable for any room.

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