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Those who cannot or do not want to install a walk-in closet in the Kuboline line by Tosetti may find a number of functional and versatile solutions to organize an equipped wardrobe, for built-in and corner closets. In the Kuboline showrooms in Brianza, nearby Milan and the Milanese hinterland (we are in Desio, a few kilometres from Monza, Lissone, Seregno, Cologno Monzese, Sesto S. Giovanni, and Cinisello Balsamo), you will find a wide range of wardrobe solutions going along with ample customization possibilities. Kuboline is a furnishing line born from the Tosetti House experience, which combines the master craftsmanship in the processing of fine materials and Tosetti designers’ skills with the advantage of affordable prices and the opportunity to directly address the manufacturer for any practical and logistical need.

If the built-in wardrobe is an excellent solution to take full advantage of all the available space, to arrange a space for an equipped wardrobe is a choice that can also make it possible to raise the property value in the moment in which you decide to sell it. The equipped wardrobe and the built-in wardrobe are versatile solutions having an increasing demand, not only in Milan and Brianza but throughout Italy.




To each living space its solution Kuboline. The closet is a very personal space that must be custom designed according to landlord’s needs, tastes and priorities. The wardrobe and the closet can take different shapes and sizes, also adapting themselves to the architecture of the room in which they are placed. Additional personalization item for wardrobes and closets are the finishes, in the preferred materials and colours, as well as the different degree of fixed equipment set inside the wardrobe to make it functional and improve its interior organization with proper accessories. Closets, built-in wardrobes, corner wardrobes and in general all Kuboline custom made closets are embellished by the use of raw materials of the highest quality and the accurate finishes, and are able to enhance colour combinations and amusing contrasts between solids and voids, opaque and shiny, heavy and light.




With regard to corner closets, is always a good idea to rely on serious and reliable designers who are able to design a custom made closet perfectly fitting to the room corners and walls, enhancing key strengths and minimizing defects, also thanks to a clever use of woods, colours and finishes. The corner closet is indeed an excellent way to make the most of all spaces hardly usable otherwise. Kuboline custom made closets are a top end product, offered at affordable cost to different targets of customers.




At the Kuboline showroom in Desio, in the heart of the Brianza and just a few kilometres from Milan, Monza, Sesto San Giovanni, Lissone, Seregno, Cologno Monzese and Cinisello Balsamo, you can see a wide and varied range of built-in wardrobes, corner closets and equipped wardrobes that our designers and engineers will represent and rework in customized versions to suit your needs and to fit the space where they are going to be installed. Brianza is famous throughout Italy for its furniture and the excellent production in the furnishing industry: it is no coincidence that our showroom is located in Desio, within the large European Industrial Pentagon. From the Tosetti House experience in furniture industry and wood, glass and aluminium processing, springs out the Kuboline furnishing line, which offers excellent solutions for the sleeping area and the wardrobe functionality of the entire Lombardy.

Kuboline professional technicians will take care of transportation and installation of walk-in wardrobes, equipped wardrobes, built-in wardrobes, corner closets, and custom made closets in Milano, Lissone, Desio, Monza, Sesto San Giovanni, Seregno, Cinisello Balsamo, Cologno Monzese, and their surroundings. The wardrobe is a choice of fundamental importance in the space functional organisation as in the daily domestic activities performance, which could greatly affect the interior design aesthetics and comfort. The Kuboline wardrobe is not only a container for clothing and accessories but an aesthetic choice, able to enhance the preciousness of the structure and the surrounding furniture, acting as a resonating chamber of taste and comfort.

Rely on Kuboline architects, creative artists and designers for a built-in wardrobe, a corner closet or a custom made equipped wardrobe. You will discover how to enhance your bedroom, walk-in wardrobe and sleeping area, also using corner or attic room walls in original ways.

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