about us

Kuboline is the commercial brand of Tosetti Furniture Factory established to provide an opportunity for individuals to purchase its products directly from the factory.

Our products are totally made in-house, and their quality is the result of the evolution of 60 years of Tosetti company know-how.

Through Kuboline, we have been offering direct sales of these products for more than 10 years, bypassing distributors and furniture makers, ensuring high savings against high quality.

yesterday Today and Tomorrow:
three generations of Brianza excellence

Tosetti company since its origins has been operating in Desio in the Brianza region that is
has always been the world’s cradle of high-quality furniture production.

years ’60

Our specialization is the production of furniture accessories, which are offered to furniture stores in the Brianza district.

years 2000

We take this a step further by starting to produce walk-in closets and glass furniture doors. Distribution becomes even more widespread, crossing national borders with some distributors having customers in Europe, North America and some Middle Eastern countries.

years 2020

We take up a new challenge by abandoning distributors to develop our own direct distribution network in the country.


Our future begins today with the passing of the experience of the generations before us into our hands, eager to complete our knowledge of “knowing how to do,” to unite it with our enthusiasm of “wanting to do.”

years ’80 and ’90

It is a period of strong development, in which we specialize in the production of entryway furniture and art glass partitions. The spread of our products goes from regional to national , and production is transformed from artisanal to industrial.


The Kuboline brand is born to enable individuals to purchase Tosetti products directly from the factory, offering custom design, measurement survey, transportation and assembly services.


Today Kuboline and Tosetti are two separate entities: Tosetti manufactures and supplies goods to furniture makers(B2B), Kuboline manufactures and supplies the same goods to private entities(B2C).

Quality and competence at
factory prices factory

We already have the solution for your problem!

KUBOLINE has developed a unique approach to selling and supplying to individuals, focusing on maximizing customer satisfaction.

Thanks to a careful and empathetic investigation, we have better understood the customer’s needs, incorporating these requirements into the development of our products. Exclusively using our own production staff for home assembly has allowed us to gather valuable feedback to improve the quality of our products.

Our customers recognize our ability to solve specific problems effectively, offering customized solutions where others fail. This continuous customization process stimulates us to constantly improve our products. Furthermore, our commitment to total customer satisfaction is reflected in our comprehensive approach from the first contact.

More than a site it is a tool!

The KUBOLINE website is designed to be the primary online destination for information on walk-in closets and glass doors. It’s more than just a product showcase; is a specialized dynamic tool, providing technical information and suggestions. If all this wasn’t enough, we’ve also created a blog to offer advice and inspiration.

We offer the possibility of receiving personalized 3D projects and free estimates via our website or via email. By eliminating intermediaries, we reduce project receipt and delivery times, guaranteeing direct and competent assembly.

We offer a full range of services: convenience, pre-sales support, customized design, professional consultancy, product quality, payment flexibility, quality assembly and after-sales support. We are here to offer the best to our customers, because your satisfaction is our priority.

Buying from the factory: A smart choice!

Through KUBOLINE you can purchase furniture directly from the factory, reserving numerous advantages. By eliminating intermediaries, prices become more competitive.

Quality is guaranteed, as you have more control over the materials and the manufacturing process, reducing the risk of receiving faulty furniture. Direct communication between the factory and the private individual facilitates the resolution of any problems, guaranteeing faster customer service. KUBOLINE offers you a wider range of style and design options than any store.

By purchasing directly, you help reduce packaging waste and significantly reduce transport of goods, with a lower environmental impact.

Being in direct contact with the source allows customers to be the first to know about new products and promotions. In conclusion, purchasing furniture directly from the factory ensures competitive prices, quality, customization and superior customer service.

Our commitment
for the environment

Our focus has always been on the use of biodiversity-friendly raw materials with limited impact of hazardous substance emissions.

We work exclusively with Italian or European-made materials, strictly certified based on strict EU standards.

Our hardware and melamine panel supplier companies have obtainedimportant eco-sustainability certifications.

Our production site is gas free , and our electricity suppliers have among the largest percentages of green energy produced from a mix of renewable sources.

recycled wood

The panels of our walk-in closets are made of 100% recycled wood with very low formaldehyde emissions.


Our packaging is plastic free, made exclusively from recycled cardboard.

paints at

The (few) paints we use are solvent-free, water-based.


Our doors are made of aluminum and glass, two 100% recyclable materials.