The Value Of Tradition And Unsurpassed Versatility

The CLASSIC series walk-in closets are the most iconic ones in our production.

It was the first line of walk-in closets produced and still represents the one most chosen by customers.

Created for those looking for a hyper-versatile walk-in closet that can be remodeled over time simply by independently moving the shelves from their housing, thanks to the use of racks.

No matter how irregular the perimeter of the space in which it is to be installed may be, the CLASSIC cabin will manage to occupy all of it without wasting an inch of it.

For this reason, too, they are the most suitable ones for perfectly furnishing attic walk-in closet spaces.

This series also has the option of being supplemented by optional wall-covering backs for an added level of elegance, while base and drawer units can be moved to ensure that covered parts can be cleaned periodically.

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