Walk-in closets for shoes

Walk-in shoe closet – The ideal solution

No more space to store your shoes? Have you exhausted every inch under the bed by now? Is it easier to find a needle in a haystack than that pair of sandals in your closet? The time has come to find a solution, and a quick one at that. If you too have too many shoes and no longer know where to put them, then the shoe cupboard is just the thing for you.

Loved by women, but also by men, shoes represent that accessory that never seems to be enough. Sporty, with heels, low, high, boots, sandals, for going to the gym, to work, you name it. The problem, however, is exactly where to put them. Fortunately, to your rescue come the beautiful KUBOLINE walk-in wardrobes specially designed for shoes with many convenient compartments where you can arrange them according to season, style and, for the fashion addicts, even colour.

The advantages of a walk-in closet for shoes

In addition to the undoubted advantages of storing shoes in a specifically dedicated place, having a walk-in closet for shoes represents a useful way to exploit spaces in the house that would otherwise remain unused. Small corners of the room, corridor, bathroom to be transformed into comfortable walk-in closets for shoes. Even if you have a small closet, this seemingly small and dark room can, in a few simple steps, be transformed into the walk-in shoe closet you have always dreamed of. All you need to do is create and design a project, based on the measurements and spaces available, build some shelves, shelves, drawers and add some lights, to finally keep your shoes in order and give them the place they deserve: in plain sight ready to be wear.

Once you have chosen the space in which to place the walk-in closet for shoes, the time has come to contact a good interior designer, an architect who is able to fulfill your every wish and give it shape. It is he who, thanks to his skills, will be able to make the most of the spaces and design the walk-in shoe closet of your dreams. Just like the architects working at KUBOLINE, the leading furniture manufacturer. Specialising in the creation of walk-in wardrobes of all types, we have a team of architects who can customise the cabinet both externally and internally according to space and usage requirements.

Some of KUBOLINE’s achievements

Our craftsmen will be able to bring the architect’s design to life, as agreed with you, building a robust and durable structure capable of holding all your shoes. And remember: remember to leave a space for your boyfriend, after all he deserves it for all the times he has taken you shopping.

As far as costs are concerned, don’t worry, KUBOLINE is a manufacturer and sells directly to private individuals with guaranteed savings of 50% thanks to factory prices. We deliver and assemble with our own personnel throughout Lombardy, but we sell and ship throughout Italy. So those who have their own installer can purchase the customized booth and have it sent to them. Practical instruction manuals for assembly can also be found inside.

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