Versatility for every lifestyle

We are SPECIALIZED in the production of CABINET CABINETS and GLASS FURNITURE DOORS. In these specific areas we have come to offer a vast range of lines of high quality modern items. The versatility of our products allows us to satisfy all the customer’s compositional needs for all economic needs. Ranging from more refined designed products with greater attention to detail for very demanding customers; up to smarter products, with a more essential design for customers looking to save without compromising on quality.

The experience “gained in the field” during these years of assembly in private homes has allowed us to verify “live” the vast series of problems that often emerge in homes, thus allowing us to improve the products, as well as to always acquire greater competence.

the cabins

Elegant, aimed at satisfying high-level aesthetic needs, the cabins of the LUXURY series are undoubtedly the most elegant and are designed to give a glamorous charm even to a functional environment such as a walk-in closet

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Iconic like the line it identifies.
CLASSIC represents our first line of walk-in wardrobes, characterized by a classic and versatile design,
destined to last over time.

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The walk-in closets of the ASSOLO series expand our range of walk-in closets.
This series is characterized by an innovative shelf support system called “stand”.

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the doors

Ideal for separating rooms or as closures for walk-in closets,
the sliding glass doors of the SLIM series
they offer a wide range of aesthetic solutions.

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GLASS: the sliding glass doors par excellence,
essential and discreet design
able to harmonize perfectly
with any decor style.

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the niches
save space

SLIDING or HINGED, space-saving niches are the ideal solution for saving space
in everyday environments

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High quality within everyone’s reach

In the modern showroom created in the DESIO production site in via Degli Artigiani, it is possible to view many of our WALK-IN CLOSETS and SLIDING DOORS.

Easily reachable from the entire province of MONZA AND BRIANZA, but also from the entire province of MILAN, in our showroom you will have the opportunity to rely on an expert consultant in interior design who will lead you through the various settings on display, giving you the opportunity to be able to “touch” the high quality of the items in the catalogue.

Our products are TOTALLY made internally and their quality is the result of the evolution of 60 years of know-how of the TOSETTI company.
Through KUBOLINE, for more than 10 years, we have been offering the direct sale of these products, bypassing distributors and furniture makers, guaranteeing high savings with high quality.

Design with us