The walk-in closet
The walk-in closet is an accessible environment, consisting of a series of modular and modular elements that allow the creation of highly functional personal solutions with the aim of fully exploiting every available inch in the room intended for its installation. The KUBOLINE company specializes in the production of walk-in closets. A walk-in closet is usually defined as a room intended for the storage of clothes in which access is possible for the person to carry out dressing operations.... read more
Custom doors with printing
tan of a cold house that is the same as all the others? Forget the anonymous doors you are used to. Unleash your imagination and leave room for whimsy and creativity. Today KUBOLINE allows you to choo... read more
Corner walk-in wardrobes
Not everyone has adequate space to accommodate a standard walk-in closet, one of those walk-in closets designed to allow a person access inside, spaces that are too large to be available in most homes... read more
Who wouldn't be attracted by the bohemian charm of living in an attic, pervaded by a sense of non-conformism typical of artists or young couples looking for a "love nest" that is as intimate as possib... read more