Composition SLIM 07
Here is a typical installation of our products: a built-in closet equipped in an alcove, with the interior wall set...... read more
GLASS 09 composition
The entrance to this walk-in closet was enhanced with a freestanding single glass door with a BRONZED ACIDATE finish. This...... read more
GLASS 08 composition
This door is the perfect finishing touch for the dream walk-in closet. With its distinctive engraving of a STYLISH TREE,...... read more
GLASS 07 composition
Here is a classic use of our self-supporting glass exterior wall sliding doors. The term ‘self-supporting’ indicates the absence of...... read more
Composition SCORREVOLI 04
Not only private homes, but also workplaces such as offices or meeting rooms often have niches designated for archives. A...... read more
Composition SCORREVOLI 03
Often, passageways such as hallways, antechambers, or utility bathrooms have recesses in the walls to accommodate the structural elements of...... read more
Composition ASSOLO 06
Indulge in the muted tones of this walk-in closet, offered with a fabric finish and black structural parts. The layout...... read more
Composition ASSOLO 05
Here is the classic floor plan of a walk-in closet with development on three sides and central access. This composition...... read more
Composition CLASSIC 18
This composition presents a typical walk-in closet floor plan with a three-sided layout and central access. Find a place in...... read more