if you need a room divides come to Kuboline's showroom in Desio

A substantial part of the Kuboline by Tosetti design and prestigious furnishing production is dedicated to the functional space organization and the creation of a link between different spaces if needed. In this context they are born the Kuboline glass and aluminium dividers, solutions designed by the Kuboline creative architects and designers in order to maximise the comfort of our clients in Brianza and Milan (the Kuboline showroom is located in Desio, close to Milan and easily accessible from Monza, Lissone, Seregno, Cinisello Balsamo, Sesto San Giovanni, and Cologno Monzese).
The interior spaces division system using the glass as a structural element is based on the concept of a simple and organized, functional and crystalline room divider. A structural item becomes a design decoration item, able to enhance the space by the versatility of the glass, proposed in different finishes and combined with other materials enriching it.

Glass airiness and lightness materialize in the Kuboline room dividers made up of panels in tempered or etched acid-polished glass, decorated with thin mocha or transparent stripes, or with "Urban" motifs recalling the urban graffiti pop art or cute patterns inspired to Murano glassworks; and, again, the Kuboline room dividers can be completed with shelves, mirrors and hanging spaces for a further organization of the space usage, or get coloured in black, red and orange meeting the wood naturalness and the anodized aluminium technology in order to develop high aesthetic impact room dividers assuring solidity and long life over the years.
Suitable for both offices and houses, the Kuboline room dividers in glass, glass and aluminium or glass and wood, contribute to a functional space distribution completely free from any disadvantage in the overall brightness, airiness and privacy of each space. Kuboline glass room divisors with their refined design and contemporary aesthetics, can be seen at the Desio exhibition space, in the Monza and Brianza province, a few kilometres away from Milan, Monza, Lissone, Meda, Seregno, Cinisello Balsamo, Sesto San Giovanni, and Cologno Monzese, and are made up of glass panels etched or decorated by geometric figures inspired to traditional Murano glasswork to embellish the spaces in which they fit in.
In fact, Kuboline furnishings, born from the long experience of the Tosetti House, the Lombard company operating in the field of interior design furnishing production designed to maximize your comfort while enhancing aesthetics, are not limited to the functions they were designed and built for, but become essential components of the house aesthetics, able to enrich the interior with their eclectic and brilliant personality.
Elegant and refined, the Kuboline glass room dividers by Tosetti allow a wide customization thanks to the many geometric decorations, serigraphy andpanels in acid-polished or smoky glass, to the possibility of matching them to half walls and structures in different types of wood, from mocha to cherry colour, or in anodized aluminium. Privacy and space division can be further enhanced with the creation of graphic patterns, by glass matting or grinding, and painting in different colours, even bright, able to give a creative touch to the environment, making it unique with a strong and trendy personality.

Kuboline room divisors are also available in different sizes and in double, triple and single versions, depending on the number of windows you want to place side by side, their size and the composition you want to create. You may also equip the glass room divisors with accessories like mirrors, shelves and hanging spaces to maximize usefulness, further optimizing the space functionality and bringing together different intended uses in a single architectural element.
The choice of fitting the room divisor with mirrors, shelves and hangers is particularly wise in lack of a hallway to be furnished with hall stands or specially equipped furniture, or in particularly tight spaces, where make the most of every inch of the surface is a must, especially in the one-room apartments in cities like Milan and Monza or the offices in Cologno Monzese and Sesto San Giovanni, but also in private offices and apartments in Cinisello Balsamo as well as in Seregno, Lissone and Meda.

Glass room dividers are an extremely elegant solution to achieve an organized division of living spaces and offices, providing countless benefits including the great brightness and privacy, the possibility to customize glass panels(which can be chosen transparent or opaque, acid-polished, etched or painted in different dark or bright colours to maximize the visual privacy). Glass panels can also be decorated with graphic and geometric motifs, in different colours, plain colour or neutral colours.
Customizing room dividers also goes through the choice of materials to be combined with glass: at the Kuboline showroom in Desio, in the Monza and Brianza province close to Milan, you may choose from glass room dividers with anodised aluminium or wooden frame. The advantages of the aluminium structure in room dividers can be essentially accounted to the aluminium great versatility, lightness and solidity, a material that allows different processing types and is extensively resistant to the coating, which can also give the wood effect at low cost.

Reaching the Kuboline exhibition space in Desio, just a few minutes away from Milan, Monza, Meda, Lissone, Sesto San Giovanni, Cinisello Balsamo, Seregno and Cologno Monzese, you will see by yourself the superiority of Kuboline room divisors by Tosetti, able to enhance the many qualities of wood, aluminium and glass, in a perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics, organization and pure decorative inspiration.

The best design equipped room dividers for your home

The equipped room divideris a solution allowing you to maximize the space organizational flexibility with endless possibilities of personalization and customization. The line of glass and equipped room dividers Kuboline by Tosetti is made up of a series of functional solutions that enable to divide without separate, furnish without clutter, accessorize without darkening the working place or the house hallway, since they grow in height.
Thanks to its extreme versatility and stylish design, the Kuboline glass room divisor with wooden or anodised aluminium frame is able to function as several pieces of furniture by equipping it with shelves, hangers and mirrorsfull or half length. This is the way the room divider releases itself from a flat personality to become a design element as well as a functional and useful tool to maintain domestic tidiness and space organization.

As a light and creative alternative to masonry or plasterboard walls, Kuboline glass room dividers make a further qualitative leap and reach the status of equipped room dividers pleasing one’s sight with their bright colours, the fine workmanship of high quality materials and a skilful balance of solids and voids, while helping to satisfy the many needs of the modern life increasingly focusing on reception in private spaces, socialization and sharing of little luxuries and comforts able to improve the living dynamics even in confined spaces.
Italian cities, especially the ones in Northern Italy such as Monza, Milan and its hinterland, feature a progressive reduction of living spaces parallel to an increasingly refined aesthetics, even in very young people expert in interior design, furnishing trends and domestic architecture, therefore rightly willing to surround themselves with beautiful and prestigious items, destined to increase in value overtime. The apartments that can be bought or rented near the workplace in Milan or Monza, in Milan's hinterland (Cologno Monzese, Sesto San Giovanni/Cinisello Balsamo) or in Brianza (Lissone, Meda, Seregno or Desio), are getting smaller and smaller, and to optimize and organize their spaces has became an increasingly prevailing need.

Under this perspective, Kuboline equipped room dividers by Tosetti are a brilliant way to combine multiple functions in a sole prestigious piece, summarizing in itself the functions of hallway, divider and space organizer, mirror, hanger and storage. Kuboline equipped room dividers, which contribute to division and organisation of living or working spaces, represent the ideal meeting point between design and craftsmanship, materials technology and aesthetics, flexibility of use and functionality.
Being an alternative to definitive solutions such as partition walls or bulky solutions as pieces of furniture and bookcases, a room divider also performs the HYPERLINK "https://www.microsofttranslator.com/bv.aspx?from=it&to=en&a=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.kuboline.it%2Fcms%2Fingressi.html" \t "_top"hallway furniture functions, with mirror, shelves and hangers, without renouncing to the proper diktats of style and contemporary aesthetics, which find in lightness and colour two essential criteria. Glass room dividers and equipped room dividers are the ideal solution for all those environments where you do not want to create a clear and definitive division but maintain the different areas partly linked, or where a traditional wall with a hinged or sliding door would excessively darken one side of the building.

The glass and aluminium or glass and wood room dividers and the Kuboline equipped room dividers ensure optimal standard in terms of structural performance and solidity while solving all the problems regarding the space organization in apartments or offices, separating meeting rooms, classrooms, exhibition areas, showrooms, studios, relaxation areas, kitchens and much more. Kuboline division solutions organize the interior spaces with class and originality and are on display at the showroom in Desio, a few kilometres from Monza, Milano, Lissone, Seregno, Sesto San Giovanni, Cinisello Balsamo and Cologno Monzese.