Corner walk-in wardrobes

How to exploit spaces with a corner cabin

Not everyone has adequate space to accommodate a standard walk-in closet, one of those walk-in closets designed to allow a person access inside, spaces that are too large to be available in most homes; then what to do? Say goodbye to those boxes and make the most of every corner of your room. How? But with the corner walk-in wardrobe, a practical and efficient solution for storing all your clothes and accessories. In fact, with the corner walk-in closet, every corner of the room will be used to the maximum and you will no longer have to see clothes piled upon clothes, shoes upon shoes, bags upon bags.

Also because, let’s face it, who wouldn’t want to have a walk-in closet all to themselves? A place to enter and feel satisfied, where every item of clothing is within reach and easily identifiable. With the corner walk-in wardrobe you will no longer have the excuse of not knowing what to wear. Even that shirt purchased two years ago at the super sale and which you had forgotten will finally have its own space. And you, man, will be able to tell your woman that she had already bought the same dress just last year!

The advantages of corner walk-in wardrobes

In addition to the undoubted advantages of couple and outfit, to equip yourself with a corner walk-in closet you don’t even need to have a huge space. A few square meters of room are enough to install one. The experts at KUBOLINE assure, in fact, that just two square meters are enough to have a well-equipped and functional walk-in closet. It can be triangular, square or rectangular and is internally organized in a C and L shape. The corner walk-in closet allows you to exploit every cubic centimeter of available space without making the room smaller, also using those walls that would otherwise remain unused. In specialized shops it is possible to find corner walk-in wardrobes of even small dimensions, to be placed at the foot of the bed or in other rooms that are not too spacious. Obviously at the time of purchase you will need to check the measurements of the corner cabin, so as not to find yourself in the unpleasant situation of not being able to insert it once you return home.

Corner walk-in wardrobe – The cost

Do you think it’s too expensive? Nothing could be more wrong. KUBOLINE is a manufacturer and sells directly to private individuals with guaranteed savings of 50% thanks to its factory prices. We have installers in Lombardy, but we sell and ship throughout Italy so wherever you are you can enjoy the corner walk-in wardrobe you have always wanted. If you have your own installer you can purchase the customized corner walk-in wardrobe and have it sent to you. Inside there are also practical assembly instruction manuals. Convenience, practicality and quality materials make KUBOLINE corner walk-in wardrobes the solution you were looking for for your clothes.

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