Walk-in wardrobes

If space for a walk-in wardrobe is lacking? There’s the walk-in wardrobe!

Don’t have the space to treat yourself to a standard walk-in wardrobe? Do you have a niche between two walls and don’t want to take out a bank loan to have a custom-made wardrobe made? Well, know that there is a solution: walk-in wardrobes! We at KUBOLINE have this solution for your problem. If you have a space suitable for the installation of a conventional cupboard (we are talking about a depth of about 65 cm), we can furnish this niche with our systems. As you know, we manufacture walk-in wardrobes and external sliding doors, and from the marriage of these two comes the walk-in wardrobe. Let’s see what is it all about? Let’s equip the back wall with walk-in wardrobe structures, racks, shelves, drawers, hangers, once this is done we close everything with our sliding doors. What did we achieve in this way? A maxi wall cabinet made to measure for every available millimetre. Great, isn’t it? But not only…

What great advantage do we get in terms of money?

A walk-in wardrobe is an excellent alternative to a custom-built built-in wardrobe. We know very well that a conventional wardrobe can have a very wide price range depending on whether one buys it in the large-scale retail trade, rather than going to the super-glamorous furniture maker who only deals in big names. However, when it comes to having a custom-made wall cabinet made for a niche, there are no cheap distributor grades that hold, you have to refer to a craftsman who will make that cabinet to your drawing. This will have a significant impact on your wallet. It is well known that a branded wardrobe (already expensive in itself), if custom-made, can cost up to 80% of its original cost. Therefore, very often the buyer renounces ‘tailor-made’ in order not to incur out-of-pocket expenses. Is there a brilliant alternative that can guarantee the millimetre-perfect utilisation of the entire space, without necessarily incurring exorbitant costs? Yes, it exists! This involves installing a KUBOLINE walk-in wardrobe. This type of solution does not have the added cost of ‘made-to-measure’, because for our products ‘made-to-measure’ is already included in the price. Walk-in wardrobe structures do not have shoulders and rigid modules, so they adapt perfectly to every length and every height of the back wall; as do our sliding doors, which will always be made to measure to cover the entire space between the floor and the ceiling and between the right and left walls. No other type of product can guarantee you such total coverage of the available space, without the costs of ‘made-to-measure’.

Low expense, high yield!

We have seen that a walk-in wardrobe, compared to a conventional made-to-measure walk-in wardrobe, can guarantee you considerable financial savings, but this is not the only advantage it can offer you. If we talk about capacity, I can tell you that there is no comparison between the two types of furniture. In fact, a conventional wardrobe is made up of shoulders, base, cap and all these structures have a footprint, which if we add to the inevitable tolerances (airs) it must have with respect to the walls, we find that they are stealing many useful centimetres from us that we could not use for the storage of our garments. The structures of walk-in wardrobes have no shoulders and no hats, while plinths are optional and can therefore be omitted; moreover, they do not require compliance with side tolerances, which means that every centimetre of usable space is used to the advantage of significantly greater capacity than any walk-in wardrobe.

Now you’ll just be embarrassed to find enough clothes to fill your walk-in wardrobe…..but I’m sure you won’t have a hard time doing it!

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