Walk-in wardrobes with rack or floor stand

Walk-in closet with rack or stand?

You have finally made up your mind, you are about to create the much desired walk-in closet. A corner just for you to store all your clothes and accessories, a place to come in and feel satisfied, where every item of clothing is within reach and easily identifiable. But how can we understand which walk-in closet is right for us? In this article we will help you to better discover the structure of the walk-in closet so as to make the decision easier for you.

Let’s start by saying that the walk-in closet can be of two fundamental types: the walk-in closet with racks or the walk-in closet with floor lamps. Both represent the support point of the shelves and both can be made to measure. Let’s look at their characteristics in detail.

Walk-in wardrobe with rack

Whether yours is an immense walk-in closet or just a small wardrobe, what matters is that it has all the accessories needed to organize and sort your clothes. And this is where walk-in closet racks come into play, small elements that really make the difference. In fact, these are structures on which it is possible to mount the shelves for your wardrobe, the drawers, the baskets, the shirt holders, the drawers specifically designed for underwear or shoes, in short, all the accessories of which you can there is no need for a walk-in closet inside.

The rack system appears to be the most adopted today as it allows maximum flexibility and versatility It can be divided into a rack prepared for backs and a rack not prepared for backs. The rack is fixed to the wall and supports the weight of the shelves, which are attached to it with a simple interlocking system. This is one of the many characteristics that make it preferable to the floor lamp: that is, guaranteeing the customer the convenience of being able to vary the height positioning of the shelves whenever desired. There are other advantages, such as flexibility of use, low cost and zero space taken up between one shelf and another.

Thanks to the rack system it is also possible to customize the interior of the walk-in closet one hundred percent, completely deciding the configuration of your wardrobe. A small luxury that no one should give up. By customizing the shelves, in fact, you have the opportunity to optimize the spaces as best as possible and at the same time guarantee that every single piece of clothing and accessory we have can be stored in an appropriate place. Everything will be at hand, organised, precise

Walk-in closet with stand

Compared to the rack, the floor lamp is used much less frequently, because it is used only in specific cases, such as the impossibility of anchoring it with dowels to the walls (for example glass walls), or for some types of attics or even for assembly of bi-facial modules in the center of the room. Compared to the rack it has a higher cost and less flexibility of use. It doesn’t offer the possibility of having your backs against the walls and customization is rather limited.

So what is the best walk-in closet? There is no one-size-fits-all answer. As we have seen, a lot will depend on the position and the environment in which you decide to design and insert it. However, whatever your choice, KUBOLINE will always know how to help you create the right walk-in closet for your space and style needs.

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