retractable walk-in wardrobes

The walk-in wardrobe as a little hidden gem in your room

Let’s face it, how many women think of the walk-in wardrobe before everything else when furnishing their home? Probably all of them. It is even better if it is out of sight and hidden by a retractable door that contains all his clothes as soon as it opens. Are you already imagining it? Well visualize it well in your mind, because the retractable walk-in wardrobe is more achievable than you think.

Retractable walk-in wardrobe: elegance and functionality

Designed to be invisible inside your bedroom, or any other space large enough to place a wardrobe, the retractable walk-in wardrobe is an elegant and space-saving solution for storing clothes, jackets, trousers, accessories, linens and any what do you want. A walk-in closet closed by a retractable sliding door gives a greater sense of order, leaving the wall clean and creating a pleasant aesthetic effect.

Dove si può creare o inserire?

There are many spaces where you can insert your retractable walk-in wardrobe. A narrow wall without windows, for example, can be closed by a pair of sliding doors and transformed into a perfect space in which to store shelves and drawers. Hallways and corridors are also excellent candidates, especially since they are the spaces in the house that usually get lost. Without forgetting the bathrooms. Another advantage of having retractable walk-in wardrobes is the possibility of making the rooms more spacious. The wardrobe can blend in with the room, with the color of the walls and with the furnishings, thanks for example to panels in colored or single-coloured fabric. This way no one will realize that behind that panel or that sliding door is actually a dream room. A style choice, therefore, that fits perfectly into minimal and contemporary environments. The structure of the house thus acquires an orderly appearance, because the wardrobe is welcomed by spaces designed to house it. From an aesthetic point of view, the wardrobe disappears from the eyes of the inhabitants as if by magic.

What are the costs of a retractable walk-in closet?

A small luxury that everyone should afford and which, in fact, is more affordable than what is usually thought. We at KUBOLINE know this well, and for years we have been designing and creating custom-made retractable walk-in wardrobes, so as to integrate perfectly into your living spaces. We use only the best materials and the most advanced techniques, for an elegant final result in style with the rest of the room. All at factory prices, since we produce and sell directly to private individuals with guaranteed savings of 50%. Our architects will study the best solution for you. We have our own internal installers and deliver throughout Lombardy, but we also sell and ship throughout Italy. So those who have their own installer can purchase the customized booth and have it sent to them. Inside there are also practical assembly instruction manuals.

Don’t leave that space empty, creating a concealed walk-in wardrobe is easier and more advantageous with KUBOLINE.

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