The walk-in closet

Let’s Define A Walk-in Closet

The walk-in closet is an accessible environment, consisting of a series of modular and modular elements that allow the creation of highly functional personal solutions with the aim of fully exploiting every available inch in the room intended for its installation. The KUBOLINE company specializes in the production of walk-in closets. A walk-in closet is usually defined as a room intended for the storage of clothes in which access is possible for the person to carry out dressing operations.

Attracting, on the other hand, a wall with walk-in closet structures enclosed by sliding doors without having the ability to enter it is equivalent to making a walk-in closet, which is a much more practical alternative to the conventional custom-made closet. The only element to be integrated with the style of the furniture are the closing doors, and these can be made in a wide variety of finishes.

A classy locker room

The dressing room environment that is created by setting up the walk-in closet allows the immediate glimpse of the totality of clothing and accessories. Facilitating this functionality are a multitude of accessories such as: drawer units, pull-out trouser holders, belt holders and tie holders, as well as metal pull-out baskets, hooks for hangers and boxes of various sizes. Our slogan is “open a walk-in closet and wear a smile,” representing our idea of allowing anyone to treat themselves to a luxury that was thought to be reserved for only a few.

Attics: the perfect place for the fanciest walk-in closets!

A separate discussion deserves to be made for walk-in closets set up in attic rooms. It’s a booming need, closely linked to the recent subsidies for under-roof renovation. Square meters are obtained to be used as sleeping areas, but due to the conformation of the stratum, it is not easy to make conventional closets. Much easier would be to provide an enclosed compartment to be set up as a mini-changing room, where you can often even get in. Thus, attic walk-in closets are a much more widespread reality than one might imagine, and KUBOLINE are the specialists in making this type of walk-in closet.

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