Walk-in wardrobes behind the bed

Dressing room next to the bed!

Functional and simple to implement. Ideal for those with limited space, but also for those who wish to create a corner in their room where they can dress and undress in absolute privacy. A place to store all one’s clothes without affecting the aesthetics of the room. Is there such a place? Of course, it is the ‘walk-in wardrobe behind the bed’, one of the most requested installations by our customers. All thanks to its many merits, ranging from the ease of implementation to the convenience of having your clothes and accessories in a dedicated space, and only a few metres away from your bed! It is, in fact, still a walk-in wardrobe, but unlike a standard walk-in wardrobe it requires less room length and is therefore perfect for those who do not like an exposed wardrobe and at the same time do not want to take up space in the room. Because having a modestly sized room does not necessarily mean you have to give up the walk-in wardrobe of your dreams, and we at KUBOLINE know this well.

Less is more: the walk-in wardrobe behind the bed, ideal for those who like a minimalist style

Minimal, yet extremely efficient, walk-in wardrobes behind the bed are a favourite with those who love ‘less is more’. An essential style that is well suited to modern furnishing requirements increasingly oriented towards a minimalist and exclusive taste. Moreover, as mentioned above, it is one of the most practical solutions when space is limited. In fact, if your room is small, you can choose to allocate less space to the room where the bed is located and take out a few extra square metres to put in a walk-in wardrobe. Perhaps opting for a minimalist bed so as not to give up the tidiness provided by a large walk-in wardrobe.

How to make a walk-in wardrobe behind the bed?

The walk-in wardrobe at the back of the room, right behind the bed, is a little gem of furniture and architecture. Separating it from the rest of the room is a simple partition wall, which conceals it from the eyes of visitors while ensuring maximum functionality. If not already provided for in the original wall design, it is possible to create this type of cabin by constructing a customised partition wall with a doorway. KUBOLINE also makes these rough walls ready to be painted the same colour as the walls. Alternatively, you can contact a plasterboard expert. The doorway can also be equipped with sliding doors.

Depending on different tastes and styles, the KUBOLINE team will always know how to intervene. In fact, we can offer you a wide range of glass sliding doors (with and without frames). We use only the best materials and the most advanced techniques, for a final result that is elegant and in style with the rest of the house. Our architects will study the best solution for you. And just think, all at absolutely affordable prices that won’t make you regret the choice you made.

Have no doubts, then, and give yourself a little corner all to yourself with the walk-in wardrobe behind the bed, one of the most fascinating and decorative solutions that can be realised.

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