An Attic walk-in closets: a romantic dream!

Who wouldn’t be attracted by the bohemian charm of living in an attic, pervaded by a sense of non-conformism typical of artists or young couples looking for a “love nest” that is as intimate as possible. Currently the trend towards intensive exploitation of all possible spaces favors the design of sleeping areas created in attic rooms. For obvious reasons of heights in these rooms it is almost impossible to foresee the possibility of inserting conventional wardrobes. The spaces are thus revised to allow the possibility of obtaining volumes to be used as a walk-in wardrobe, not always easy to access, but certainly with a large containment coefficient. However, it is not always easy to study the best solution for such narrow and often irregular spaces. The risk of venturing into a failed DIY project is very high. Transforming what was a romantic dream into the worst nightmare. For this type of environment you must rely on those with the necessary skills and experience to find the ideal solution capable of maximizing the use of space, minimizing costs. KUBOLINE has acquired over the years a real specialization in the creation of walk-in closets for attics. A conventional wardrobe with hinged doors for the attic has the big handicap of costing a lot and containing very little, but with very simple solutions such as the use of sliding doors and the creation of retaining walls, much more micro-cabin wardrobes can be created. capacious at a proportionally much lower cost.

Classic Series: the obligatory choice when talking about attic walk-in closets.

It doesn’t matter how high or low the roof may be, how steep the pitch, or how many beams intersect on the ceiling; with a wise analysis of the constraints, it may be possible to study furnishing solutions capable of surprising with their ability to obtain containment in a maze of architectural alleys. The important thing is to find a company capable of finding the right solution for these situations too, and KUBOLINE is this company. The walk-in closets that are best used to furnish an attic are certainly those from the Classic series. Thanks to the use of racks fixed to the walls, it is possible to arrange shelves of various depths, installed at remodulated heights, without the physical constraint of support shoulders, which make it necessary to use bases and caps, which are absolutely inconvenient in an environment with a ceiling inclined. The versatility of the “rack” system of the Classic walk-in closet series is unparalleled when compared to other types of walk-in closets, but becomes unsurpassed if we talk about attic walk-in closets. With the Classic series modules it is possible to easily bypass sudden changes in roof inclination; pillars against the walls; load-bearing beams placed in unfortunate positions; edges; recesses or niches; no structural element can represent a problem that cannot be solved with the “rack and pinion” system.

A treat within everyone’s reach.

We have already mentioned how the unfortunate shape of attics makes them the sworn enemies of conventional wardrobes (those with shoulders, bases and doors). But as they say “not every evil has a silver lining”, in fact if on the one hand the wardrobe is indispensable it is also true that a wardrobe, if made to measure, costs a lot and in an attic a conventional wardrobe is unlikely to be made ” tailored”. So here comes the walk-in closet to the rescue, you just need to create a space intended for containing the garments, to set it up with the structures typical of walk-in closets, where the presence of superstructures such as shoulders and doors does not exist, thus reducing costs. to a considerable extent. Not only that, the capacity of the space intended for garments will also be significantly increased, precisely due to the unattainable ability that the rack system has to exploit every minimum useful centimeter, even the most inaccessible or unusable one with the use of conventional wardrobes. Last, but not least, an important aspect, in attic walk-in closets, KUBOLINE always advises against opting for backs on the walls, to avoid incurring exaggerated shaping costs, on the other hand a walk-in closet without backs can cost up to 35% less than a walk-in wardrobe with backs. For all these reasons, an attic walk-in closet will always correspond to your idea of ​​thrifty non-conformism.

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