Why choose to make a walk-in closet

Since space is never enough!

Today, the walk-in closet is becoming an increasingly sought-after product on the market, and there are many reasons for this. In addition to the ability to make much better use of space and provide greater storage capacity, compared to a conventional closet, the walk-in closet is always made to measure at no additional cost. This feature allows it to be set up even in very difficult environments where a conventional cabinet would not even be feasible. The usability of the space and the direct accessibility to the garments make it preferred by the female audience because it makes it an immediate eye-catcher during dressing operations, as well as during the garment and container arrangement stages.

It is no coincidence that nowadays in the design of new homes, architects increasingly tend to sacrifice what is traditionally the closet space in the rooms, in order to try to be able to carve out a space (even a small one!) in which to set up the walk-in closet.

Your personalized walk-in closet

To avoid unpleasant surprises always contact interior architects who will design the corner walk-in closet with you. Just like those who work at KUBOLINE, the leading manufacturer of furniture accessories. Specializing in the creation of walk-in closets, our company manufactures directly and has a team of architects who can customize the walk-in both externally and internally according to space and usage needs. Our craftsmen will then be able to bring to life the architect’s design as agreed upon with the client, building a strong and durable structure capable of respecting and enhancing the architecture of the room.

A question of competence.

Today there are not many companies that can boast of having an exclusive specialization in the production of walk-in closets. KUBOLINE is one of these few companies with nearly 30 years of experience in the sole production of walk-in closets and sliding glass doors. We are probably the company with the greatest specific expertise in this type of production. The sliding glass door the “calling card” of an exquisitely elegant walk-in closet. It must be tailored to fit into often unconventional spaces. We are therefore able to be able to provide the “complete package” of the combination of Walk-in closet + Door, satisfying your desire for exclusivity at factory prices.

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