Walk-in closets with special plants

If the space for a walk-in closet is lacking? There’s the walk-in wardrobe!

Are you gnawing with envy at your friend because she just got a new cabinet (by KUBOLINE), but you can’t do it because your space is too unhappy to equip? Don’t despair we have a solution for you too. We are in a period when, thanks to significant tax breaks, it is much cheaper to renovate a house than to buy a new one. But while a new house today often contains a space already designated as a walk-in closet; this is not as true for an older home. So here we go desperately looking for a corner of our small house that can be exploited to install a walk-in closet. What is often discovered is that the only candidate spots for this type of destination, are irregular and uncomfortable recesses, also intended more as closet rooms, where mostly suitcases, boxes, bulky items that have no place in the closets can be stored. So why don’t we dignify these spaces by turning them into a real cabinet? There is no wall too crooked, ceiling too slanted, pillar too prominent, niche too small and column too bulky that can put us off designing your dream cabinet.

Question of competence!

The experience we have gained in the field allows us to say without fear of contradiction that we are leaders in designing cabinets in difficult spaces. KUBOLINE has been exclusively producing walk-in wardrobes for almost thirty years. We produced walk-in wardrobes for the major distributors of top-of-the-range furniture, who branded our products and distributed them in the high-end shop circuit, both domestically and in some of the most sought-after external markets.

This long experience has allowed us to improve our know-how in product design, but it was the ‘on the ground’ experience of selling to private individuals that enabled us to take a further step in the improvement of our products. Seeing how many difficult spaces we had to find new solutions for has increased our competence in solving ‘impossible situations’.

The right walk-in closet for every need.

As already mentioned in the article discussing walk-in wardrobes with mansard roofs, the same advice applies to walk-in wardrobes with special floor plans as well, to prefer the Classic series. This is the series that uses racks as the support element for the shelves, and is the best of all in being versatile to the point of bypassing virtually any architectural constraint. The shelves of the Classic series can be cut lengthwise, depthwise, diagonally, or can be shaped into any form, allowing them to be installed in bizarrely shaped niches or more simply straddling a pillar. The Assolo series may also, in certain cases, prove to be suitable for cabins with special perimeters, especially in those cases where it is necessary to offer shelves that need to be fixed in the middle of the room or at least not against a wall. Finally, the series that is definitely NOT recommended for walk-in wardrobes with special layouts is the LUXURY series, as its structural prerogatives make it impossible to adapt to architectural constraints that require special cuts.

Whatever your situation at KUBOLINE we already have the solution!

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