Where and how to create a walk-in closet

A question of forms

Where the dressing room does not already exist in the architecture of the apartment; the creation of a walk-in closet in the bedroom depends mainly on the shape of the room, the measurements and the arrangement of fixtures. This is often a suitably sized compartment created through the use of dummy walls (plasterboard or multilayer wood). KUBOLINE also makes these rough walls ready for painting (we use plywood). The environment created is the classic dressing room-cabin-closet.

It may differ in shape and size and is always dependent on the space available in the room and the placement of fixtures. Thus, there is the possibility of creating conventional rectangular walk-in clos ets that usually take advantage of three sides; corner walk-in clos ets that span two sides; and linear walk-in closets that take advantage of only one wall. Linear cubicles are divided into: behind-the-bed cubicles, which allow the person access for dressing operations, and “walk-in closet” type cubicles, which replace the conventional closet but without the limitations of total space utilization that it entails.

A question of measurement

In general, we can identify minimum measures to create a walk-in closet, where a person can have access to it, they are: 130×150 cm, equipping it on two sides or just one, but allowing a passage of about 70cm. Increasing the size, such as cm 200×150, it is possible to equip three walls while still leaving room to move. Instead, if you opt for a corner solution, the two sides of the booth should measure no less than 250 cm. In addition, to avoid unharmonious corners, it might be useful to enclose the cabin with a 65 cm side rail so that a full-wall closet can be placed side by side, obviously with the same doors so that it looks like one closet, which is essential for seasonal changes. KUBOLINE can offer you all these solutions…..and even more. A team of competent designers will be at your disposal to research the best solution for your specific space.

A question of experience

Well now that you have realized that you have the right space to create your walk-in closet, all you need to do is find competent professionals who can follow you from design, to implementation, to final installation. You can choose to rely on a designer (usually an interior architect), who will be able to direct you to a good furniture store, which can sell you a walk-in closet, which will have been manufactured by one of its suppliers. Generally certain high-end stores deal only in emblazoned brands, certainly guaranteeing you excellent quality, but at often very high prices. As you see there are three figures you will have to pay to finally get your dream walk-in closet: The architect; the shopkeeper and the manufacturer, do you think you have spent a lot? You are probably right, but what alternatives did you have? Probably none….. if you don’t know KUBOLINE. Would you like to shorten this long and wasteful supply chain? With us you’ll get: free design (no architect to pay separately!) and manufacturer’s prices, so no cost component to reserve for a shopkeeper, much less no cost overruns for agency fees and transportation. Our supply is all-inclusive and includes design, production, measurement, transportation and assembly, and above all, lots and lots of experience.

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